We do the research, we create the strategy, all you have to do is say YES! Yes to the strategy, yes to the design, and YES to finally getting an ROI for your website!

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Step 1

Reach your target audience

It's time to jump into your ideal customers shoes and see what makes them push "BUY NOW". We do this with...

We dive deep into competitor research, tracking down other industry professionals who are selling what you are selling, how they are doing it, is it working? And about a billion other questions that only countless hours of research can answer!

This is simply, how your customers interact with your site. Through the use of data analytics, heat mapping, and click tracking we are able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t work with your current site so we can max out the user experience on your new site. 

It’s time to survey your audience! Yes, we send a real-life survey to your email list because there is no one better to tell us why they love you (or don’t?) than your customers!

A top-notch strategy

Identify your ideal customer

You need more cheerleaders! Let's figure out every single last detail of your ideal client so you can create the most targeted content AND always attract the buyers!

Map their buyer journey

From their first visit to your biggest ticket item. Let's map it out so it flows perfectly on your site so your customers can intuitively navigate all of your amazing content.

Give them something they want

Using the market research, user behavior tracking and surveys we will make recommendations on what your freebie should be AND optimize its integration into your site. Give them something they would pay for, for free and you immediately build that trust.

Step 2

Design that converts

Conversion design is an up-and-coming branch of web design that uses a marketing-based strategy, user experience design, and perfectly placed and colored items on every page to guide your customers to do exactly what you want.

Let’s plan for usability first! This provides a full overview to help us simplify and combine or cut any unnecessary pages. Which simplifies the upkeep of your site overall and creates a frustration-free customer experience.

Because we work with the best copywriters in the industry we let them write the content first by building a special wireframe. This includes anything necessary on every page, the goal of the page, any keywords, etc. which allows them the freedom to create high converting copy with the overall strategy in mind. 

Not hiring a copywriter? No problem we will use our wireframes to guide you as your write the copy.

There is a psychology to the way a user navigates a page, what draws them to specific elements, and how to guide them to sign up or buy. We implement these strategies on every page we design. 

The process is a breeze

It's easy to write the copy

Because we've outlined the sections needed on every page! You can simply start writing using our templates or hand it off to your copywriter!

No Pages are forgotten

"Oh, I thought we had asked for a media page?" questions like this never happen! We always know exactly what pages needed to be built when we design the "site map" of your site. Which makes the process shorter, clearer, and more efficient.

You sell more

We design for conversion! Meaning the whole goal of your site is to get users onto your email list so you can cash in on your next product launch! You have a primed list of cheerleaders waiting to buy!

Step 3

Easy to maintain

Whether you are man-ing your site yourself, have a team in place or you hire us to maintain your site, we make the whole experience flawless.

We like to understand the needs of your business and create a backend experience (the place you go when you log in) that is truly unique!

For example: We solve the problem of having to scour your content to find the testimonial you need to edit or delete, you can do it all in one place and it automatically updates the entire site! Boom magic!

Since every site is custom we create a library of videos to manage your unique site within the WordPress backend (where you go when you log in). That means you don’t have to go looking for the how-to videos, they are right at your fingertips!

As part of our full custom web design package, you get our maintenance services completely free for 1 month (which includes updates, security, and DNS management).

PLUS our concierge service where we provide on-demand tutorials whenever you need a little extra help, technical monitoring (think 404 pages oopsies), and ongoing user behavior tracking.  We are here to hold your hand while you get acquainted with your new site!

You can manage it

WordPress Made easy

Between customizing your backend experience and using Elementor, an easy drag and drop page builder, WordPress is going to be your new best friend.

So easy your VA can manage it

We build your whole site based on the idea that ANYONE can make simple updates to your site. That way you can delegate when you need to and concentrate on your customers!

The VIP Treatment

We won't leave you hanging! We know not everything can't possibly be perfect before launch and minor changes will be needed. That's why we are here, to help in any way you need us.

From someone who's been through the process

Lena is a creative genius! She carefully and expertly guided us through each stage of our website design project, and was totally open to feedback along the way. The initial stage was entirely dedicated to market research and development, which I'd never experienced with another website designer. She does this to ensure her clients' websites are speaking to their exact target audience. Every step of working with Lena was amazing, and I got the most beautiful website. In fact our sales conversions have tripled. I can't recommend working with Lena highly enough!

Nicole Jardim