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Get a website that elevates your biz

. . . without the $5k+ price tag

Now listen up, I know

You’re ready to make a radical
shift in your biz

But the thought of doing so is pretty scary. The voices in your head are trying to stop your momentum…What if it fails? What if I waste all my money?

But you have a feeling, deep in your gut

that the shift you’re planning in your business will put you on the fast-track to manifesting your dream life: And...

But to really up your game

you need a

So you’re now looking to hire a designer to create a site that embodies your high vibe. It needs to look so amazing that you’re plastering the link everywhere because you want everyone and their mothers to see it.

The only thing is: a website that costs $5k+ and takes months to build isn’t aligned with your business. You’re ready to begin your journey NOW!

Now you can get a wow website

that showcases your aligned brand, in way less time. For less cost than a “traditional” website project.

Introducing the starter website

Perfect for the
unstoppable Entrepreneur

With The Starter Website, you’ll have a 6-page customized WordPress website that layers your passion and mission and sparkle with your brand. 

You’ll get a show-stopping site

that attract your fave clients and repels the PITA ones!



The yang to your yin. I’m ready to help bring balance to your business.

I’m here to remove the tech boulders blocking your path – so you can move forward and guide others on their transformational journey.

I’m here to create your new website – one that empowers your future clients to take the next step on their journey. I’m here to help your light shine even brighter.

I've worked for countless marketing companies launching 7-figure brands - and I know what it takes to deliver massive results.

And I’ve learned what it takes to turn big dreams into a

Thriving and impactful business.

I’ve developed proven systems that reimagine the web design process – fusing wealth, beauty, and functionality into your virtual thumbprint.

I designed my Starter Sites to give you a website that embodies your vision. But not only that, it fosters connection. Connection with your future clients and your dreams. 

All so you can make a greater impact and experience massive success in your business.

Let's walk through the process

Before we Start

Once you’ve paid your deposit

you’ll get login details to your Client Portal - packed with courses, tutorials, and documentation. I’ll drop new content in there for you regularly and you’ll have lifetime access to this powerful well of knowledge! (No googling required.) Here, you’ll find the prep stuff that you need for your project.

Which leads me to. . .

To help you walk away with a site that’ll actually brings your vision to life, you’ll get your very own Brand Book to complete before your day.

Don’t worry; you’ll get a series of non-boring workshops to guide you through each step of filling this out. And you’ll get a video review and gentle guidance from me to help make sure it’s on point and connects with your perfect people.

This is where you’ll get clear on all the Need To Knows, like your values and your Why. As well as create a reflection of your client's journey by showcasing your deep understanding of their struggles. 

Sooo many people don’t nail any of this down early on – and end up hitting growth blocks later – so let’s get things off on the right foot!

Your Brand Book will guide you through planning out your website and creating a site map. So you’ll know how best to introduce people to you and your vision – and which pages they need to visit first.

You’ll have handy materials to guide you as you write your new website copy.

And you’ll get resources to help you do SEO keyword research, along with free tools you can use to help future clients find you on Google.

You’ll also develop your own Style Guide which will include your logo, fonts, colors, and images. And you don’t have to worry about investing in a new logo – you’ll be guided through how to whip one up, all on your own.

Your Style Guide is an affordable shortcut to a “put together” look. It will help your brand look consistent and polished across all your content and channels.

Brand Book will help you:

Lead Magnet
Canva Template

You’ll get a pre-designed Canva template ready to customize with your ebook or free challenge.

With this template, your lead magnet will channel some serious aesthetic vibes. Your subscribers will be like “dang, if this is her freebie, imagine the quality of her paid stuff - I'm all in!!” 😉

The Style Quiz Plus a

Style intensive

I’ll ask you to take a quick style quiz to help me identify what you love and what you don’t.. . so I can create a website for you that is just, WOW. (And because it kinda makes sense to figure this out before building a website, wouldn’t you agree?).

Then we’ll top up our coffee mugs before jumping on Zoom for a 2-hour Style Intensive. We’ll revisit your quiz answers to make sure I know your style preferences inside and out. And we can go over certain parts of your Brand Book again, if we need to. Lastly, we’ll iron out the exact details of how your website needs to look. Exciting!

Your sexy
6-page website

Is created using WordPress with Elementor and it will include:

BONUS: Connecting your freebie to your email automation system - one of the most challenging parts of setting up a website!

Building a fast 6-page website from scratch in 7 hours isn’t possible.

Which is why we need a framework to speed up the design process.

The framework I’ll be using to build your website has already brought in thousands of leads for my clients (yay!). I’ve infused it with persuasion principles, so it will intuitively guide visitors through your site. . . and onto the next step on their journey. This is all through customizing my own collection of beautiful, unique for you, templates. 

I’ll be using all the pre-work we did (the Brand Book, Style Guide, Style Quiz and Intensive) to customize the framework for your business. 

I’ll be implementing your colors, images, and fonts from your Style Guide.

As well as plugging in the new copy you wrote.  – Making any specific style tweaks you asked for in our meeting. – Adding in the finishing touches and making sure the tech is functional before sending it to you.

By the end of the day, you’ll have an aligned website that’s ready to guide the people who need you most.

Okay all done!

Time to review and request your edits!

You’ll get 1 round of edits after I’ve designed your website. At the end of the process, you’ll get an email inviting you to review your site using our fancy editing software. With this tool, you can click anywhere on your website pages and add your comments. I’ll then wrap up your edits within a week of receiving them.

Then that’s it, your shiny new website will be ready to launch into the world!

The details of what's included

Elementor Training Course

This course will show you how to edit and create new website pages. And walk you through the tools inside the Elementor Page Builder.

Custom Knowledge Base

You’ll have a custom training area complete with tutorials in the backend of your site. So you can make edits or changes in a flash, without needing to head to Google.

Website Walkthrough

When I hand your site over, it’ll come with a complete walkthrough created with a tool called Usetiful. As you browse your new website, you’ll see quick tips and video tutorials right there on the page. Who else loves efficient handovers?! 😍

30 Days of Email Support

When a new website launches, questions are usually not too far behind. So I’ll be on hand if you need anything at all, and I’ll include video tutorials to help you where possible.

1 Year Access to Premium Website Plugins

To keep your site performing well, you’ll get a 1-year VIP pass to my library of premium plugins. Being a website developer, I geek out with plugins and I’m more than happy to shell out for the best ones. Enjoy!

1 month of free website maintenance

After launching your website, you’ll get 30 days of website maintenance, completely free. You won’t even need to go near the backend of your site (instead, you can just marvel at its fabulousness for a whole month).

Your 30 days of free maintenance comes with:


My “Ready to Launch” Guarantee

Once I’ve finished your edits, you will have a functional, fabulous website that’s ready to launch. And ready to turn casual browsers into your latest success stories.

Bring your vision to life with

The Starter Site

You’ll get:

Plus, bonus workshops and resources!
. . . For just $2497 $1497!

How do I get started


Click the button below to fill out a short form


I’ll contact you to set up a coffee chat so we can make sure it’s a great fit


If our coffee chat ends with a big 👍 you can book your Website in a Day and secure it with a 50% deposit

Got Questions?

I’ve got answers right here!

Nobody in the marketing space can guarantee their work will definitely bring in X amount of leads or generate X amount of revenue. There are just too many factors at play. 

But to help set you up for success, Website in a Day comes with a Brand Book for you to fill in beforehand. Because, in short: the more info we have about the people you’re trying to help, the better! 

Because when you know exactly who you’re trying to reach, it makes the website creation process a million times easier

It becomes way easier to write persuasive website copy. And we’ll be able to “speak” to your visitors through design choices. Things like images, type size, font types and colors all play a part in guiding the right people through your site. 

I specialize in UX and UI-design, which means I use proven persuasion principles in everything I create. So your website will be in the best possible position to generate results. 

I will get your entire 6-page website done in one day. Then we’ll just have your edits left to do, so we can make sure everything is perfect before it goes live!

What’s included?

  • The Brand Kit complete with Brand Book and Style Guide
  • Brand Book content review and feedback
  • Style Quiz and 2-hour Style Intensive
  • Lead Magnet Canva Template
  • A 6-page customized website created with WordPress and Elementor (included pages: Home, Service, Freebie, Contact, Blog, Instagram Link page and Feed display), plus connection of your lead magnet to your email automation system
  • 1 round of edits
  • Lifetime access to resources inside your Client Portal
  • Elementor Training Course
  • Custom Knowledge Base in your website backend
  • Email support for 30 days after your website launch
  • 1 year access to premium website plugins 
  • 1 month of basic website maintenance, completely free 

Items not included: extra rounds of edits, copywriting, image sourcing, and any pages or features not listed above.

I offer half-day and full-day VIP Days where you can book me to design as many extra pages as you need!

You’ll also get a discount on VIP Days if you add one (or more) to your Website in a Day package. If you need a bunch more pages or design work, I can even put together a full launch package for you. Whatever you need, I’m here to help!

Feel free to reach out and ask because I may be able to create some space in my calendar. Bear in mind you need to submit your homework two weeks before your day (Brand Book, Style Guide and website copy). Or it’s detention time for you! 😉

Yes, please! I won’t be asking you for things back and forth the whole time. But there may be niggly questions or tech access requests that need fast responses to make sure your website is done by the end of the day.

You’ll get a Canva 101 mini-training workshop that teaches you how to make a quick logo for your site. Then, once you have the time and budget, you can hire a graphic designer to create something perfect.

Your Brand Book, Style Guide and website copy will be due 2 weeks before your booked day. Don’t worry, you’ll have workshops and resources to guide you through each step.

You’ll get an SEO resource to help you do keyword research. On the day, I’ll add your keyword or phrase, optimize your site for speed, and add in any extra meta values you need!

You’ll get 30 days of basic maintenance at no charge, which includes:

  • WordPress theme and plugin updates 
  • 24/7 Advanced Security Monitoring + Protection
  • Daily On-Server Backups + Unlimited Restores
  • 24/7 Technical Support for Site Outages


You’ll have the option to continue with monthly maintenance on a paid basis. There are a selection of packages to choose from. 

Please note that monthly maintenance packages do not include any content edits or updates. But you’ll get all the tutorials and documentation you need to edit your website content easily.

You can use any hosting service you choose. But if you decide to sign up for a maintenance package with us, you’ll get super speedy hosting included!

All you have to do is pay half up front (which gives you access to all of the resources in the Portal) and the second half is due when you schedule your day!

Your deposit is fully refundable up to 15 days after payment, and the second half due on booking can be refunded up to 30 days before your booked day. You can reschedule up to 14 days before your day, but the entire invoice amount will become non refundable once you reschedule.

No refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs in the last 14 days before your day (except in rare cases where it is deemed appropriate).

There will be no refunds given AFTER your day, as your site will be finished. But we do all the prep beforehand to help make sure you get the website you’re envisioning.

It’s very unlikely, if all the prep work is completed on time. But if it isn’t finished for some reason, I will spend the next day wrapping it up.

You could, but. . . VIP Days do not guarantee everything will be finished, whereas Website in a Day guarantees you will walk away with a live site.

Ready to launch your business with

The Starter Site?

You’ll get:

Plus, bonus workshops and resources!
. . . For just $3497 $2497!

How do I get started


Click the button below to fill out a short form


I’ll contact you to set up a coffee chat so we can make sure it’s a great fit


If our coffee chat ends with a big 👍 you can book your Website in a Day and secure it with a 50% deposit

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