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We design visual experiences that bridge the gap between “hmm, maybe” and “hell, yes!” for your customers.

By blending your business’s soul with your ideal customers’ wants, needs, and dreams; we make them feel heard while maintaining your authenticity in everything we create. 



Hey there, I’m Lena. 

I’m here to elevate your business, to showcase your passion, and blend the deepest desires of your customers with your unique journey. 

This is all done through the prism process, which creates a website that truly connects with your customers.  (And makes you the cash-ola to stay inspired and fuel your passion for helping others).

It’s time to uplevel your biz and propel yourself to the top.  

Check out my work and my process below!

The Prism Web design Method

You want more than to just accumulate wealth (although that’s fab too). You are driven by vision and purpose – but trying to explain what you offer to the world is a challenge. We’ll help you get clear with a deep dive into your story, your values and your passion.

Aligning your messaging with the inner desires of your future success stories isn’t as simple as a drag-and-drop template – it doesn’t just fall into place. It takes a little extra insight. Together, we’ll ensure your website reflects your clients’ hopes and dreams – so they understand you’re the right person to guide them.

This is all about your business and how you communicate with your people (or how you want to communicate!). It’s about fusing your purpose, your people, and your products into the complete package. 

Your uniqueness IS the sparkle. It’s what will inspire your people and move them to take action. That’s why we infuse it into every single pixel on your website, to create an “oh, so perfect” virtual fingerprint for your business.

You’ve drawn people in with your high-vibe energy and killer marketing. But your website is what delivers the final magnetic SNAP —it’s where your future clients decide you are the one to help them.

"Working with
Lena was Magical

Through active listening and intuition, Lena carefully guides her clients through the process of creating beautiful, engaging, and effective websites. In addition, she manages them as if they were her own. We have never been worried about the security of our site. Lena carefully monitors activity and advises us when something concerns her. It is such a relief knowing that our site is in such excellent hands. Lena is truly one of the best designers/tech managers we have ever worked with. We’re very fortunate to have her as a member of our team."

Katana Abbott - Retirement Reinvention Coach

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"Lena and her work are such a relief for me in my business. I can always count on her excellent results and caring approach. That is a difficult combination to come by today! She is brilliant at what she does! Five Stars always. Thank you Lena! "

- Shivan Sarna, Speaker and Sibo Expert

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