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I Make Your Digital Media Beautiful 

I create a beautiful experience for your customers that grows your audience, builds trusts and converts more customers.

Keep Your Customers Engaged With Beautiful Things

Websites. Sales Pages. Graphics. Powerpoints. Courses.

Build Your Audience and Maximise Conversion with Beautiful Things

In this modern age of instant gratification, you have less than a second to make an impression on a potential customer.

When breaking into a market already flooded with “the competition” or becoming the pinnacle brand in your niche market ►►► it’s imperative to stand out.

Your website, sales pages and your online presence are the calling card of your business.

Blow your competition away with a truly unforgettable online experience.

Turn more leads into sales with Beautiful Things.

The design of your content builds customer trust.

Would you buy your product based off of it’s design? ►►►►►►►►►

Does your digital media suffer from…

High Website Bounce Rates

Ugly doesn’t sell. Minimize your bounce rate and maximize sales with an innovative, exceptional website, and make sure your customers stay on your site long enough to make a purchase.

Lack-Luster Graphics

Whether you are selling a product, course, service or your expertise people can’t see you through the saturating without having professional and beautiful graphics.

Mobile Intoxification.

Nearly 100% of browsing is now happening on our mobile devices.Make sure your digital content is responsive, don’t make people feel like they have double vision when they view your site.

If your digital (online) presence suffers from any of these pitfalls….






Is the time it takes for your customers to form an opinion about your company. 


of users

Will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website 


of users

Will stop interacting with a website or digital content if it is unattractive.

design matters.

I make you stand out


My name is Lena and I am the CEO and lead designer at Beautiful Things. I excel at making things beautiful, vibrant and exceptional.

We work to give you the design that fits your business.

Are you ready to GROW your business with a web presence that sells to your ideal client?


Start standing out with websites, graphics and powerpoints that are…

Dynamic and Beautiful.

With your branding and style in mind we create something truly unique just for you. 


All of your content should be able to be seen on the mobile just as beautifully as the desktop.   


Your site should be better than your competitors. That’s the honest truth.

Make the best choice for your business and schedule a consultation today!

Recent ProjectS

Higher Conversion with Beautiful Design

I’m always creating new and exciting things!

My latest project was done using clickfunnels with my team at The Story Engine. Need a sales page? Content? Funnels? And great mentoring? Our team is the best in the business and nothing compares with our final product.