Katana Abbott


Rising from a life of poverty, abuse, and adversity, Katana knows too well the struggles of trying to achieve financial security. She has helped women transform their lives and their finances through her non-profit website, group coaching programs, and 1 on 1 service. I am in constant awe of her life, her compassion, and her strength. What she provides the world goes beyond just being a retirement coach, she breath new life into the next stage of life with your overwhelming excitement and zest for life at any age.

The Basics Of The Project


Katana and I have worked on projects previously and I consider her a dear friend. She needed a site to bring in more clients to her coaching business so we created a site that was specifically designed for her user and offered them an easy way to book coaching as well as sign up for her freebie she could funnel those who weren’t ready to commit to coaching into her database.




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