Optimizing Your Images

Images create the overall feel of a site, they break up the text and create the visual representation of your copy. With this in mind, we put together this page to help you find, take and optimize your images so your site always looks on brand + beautiful! Just for you: Check out this helpful image optimization guide to keep your site running fast!

Did you Know?

You can't just download any old image off of google?
Let's get this out of the way. There are very harsh copyright laws that prohibit people from simply doing a google search and downloading images directly off the internet. Breaking these laws comes with some pretty hefty fines, or so I've heard. So it's important to source your images from free stock image websites or simply purchasing the rights to the images you love. We never ever use images that we don't already own rights to or that are free from a reputable stock image site.

Need some free resources to curate your stock images? We've got you covered!

Free stockImages

Check out these sites for copyright free stock images


No matter how amazing your hosting is, you have to resize, compress and optimize your images to keep your site speedy and accessible. I created a video tutorial and a handy dandy guide to help you get started!

Step by Step

Quickly reformat your images to keep your site fast!

Step 1: Resize

Download the chrome extension Page Ruler Redux to measure the dimensions of the location of the image. Then resize it to those exact dimensions.

Step 2: Compress

Use one of the compression software's below (I like compresspng or compressjeg) and just upload it then download the compressed version.

Step 3: Optimize

Don't forget that alt text! When you uploaded the image to WordPress it lets you give your image a title, well make sure to explain the image in the alt text.


Check out these great image optimization tools.

Other Resources

These are my favorite websites and/or software to utilize for custom visual content.

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