Interview: Brand, Website and Email Marketing


Getting your website from a mere concept all the way to the perfect product is something that can feel really daunting. I joined Katana Abbott’s show, Smart Women Talk, alongside the fabulous email conversion copywriter – Holly Williams to discuss how to make this process easier and clearer. We share some key insight and strategies to optimize your website design and functionality for higher conversion. In our discussion, you will also hear about micro-conversion and why email is so crucial to this process. 

Listen in as we chat about the important process we use to create a highly functional website and email plan for each client. Katana shares from her own experience of clarifying her brand, services and messaging. You will get a really clear look into how you can begin solidifying your messaging so it aligns with your brand and speaks to your clients in an authentic way.

Stay tuned until the end where we introduce a helpful tool that you can use to start working on your website, branding and messaging right now!

Things You Will Learn:

  • Why less is more when it comes to visible website pages.
  • Why more people than ever need an online presence and functional websites.
  • What a customer avatar is and why it’s so important to your marketing.
  • The systems and processes that lead to an awesome result.
  • Why Katana switched up her branding and the effect that had on her practice.
  • How aligning the brand with the messaging can completely change your energy.
  • The importance of understanding the 5 stages of awareness and how a conversion copywriter can help you with that.
  • The #1 thing you really need on your site.
  • 3 things people need to know when they reach the top of your site.
  • What conversion copywriting is and why it’s so key to your site’s success.
  • The role of storytelling in establishing your brand.


  • “No matter how many times people say, “social media is the new email list,” – it’s not. You still need your email list.” – Lena
  • “Get them on your email list so you can keep pushing them down that journey until they finally buy something from you.” – Lena
  • “You can’t look backwards and think, “Oh I should’ve done all these things already.” You have today, so start today and move forward.” – Holly
  • “You can have a gorgeous website and gorgeous branding but if your words are not conveying who you are and what you do, it’s all pointless.” – Lena
  • “Just talking with you and seeing where your passion is at, I know exactly who your ideal customer is and what we need to say to them.” – Holly


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