What is a CDN?


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the internet. These servers are typically geographically dispersed meaning they are close to more users, which reduces latency by providing content close to where it is wanted. A CDN caches static content on these servers, which means that the next time a user requests that piece of content, it can be served from a server that is closer to that user without a hit to their original server.


Your website lives on a server in one part of the country. But someone who is browsing your site may live anywhere in the world. That data has to get to them wherever they are so further from your website's server, the longer the items on your website take to load.

To combat this lag in load time we use a CDN (content delivery network) that has servers all over the world. Your CDN is through the Cloudways service.

The CDN works by keeping a “Cached” copy of your site on their servers, essentially preloading it for the users who are accessing your site. It has a couple of extra features that also improve performance and security but that's the basics of it.

What are the benefits of a CDN?

  • Improves the customer experience on your website
  • Saves the business money with an extra layer of security
  • Keeps the business and customer's information safe
  • Helps your website load faster
  • Reduces downtown and security breaches
  • Protects against cyberattacks


Cloudflare is a CDN that protects websites from cyberattacks by routing traffic through multiple points around the world. Cloudflare routes traffic through its global network so that customers do not need to use the same hardware or Internet Service Provider as their website visitors. If you're an online business that relies on a high volume of traffic, it's crucial to be as secure as possible.

If your site uses the Cloudlfare network you will likely receive a report monthly showing the amount of data that has been transmitted between the servers. It's simply a metric that comes with their free service.

In conclusion, content delivery networks are a viable solution for businesses looking to distribute their content efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, CDNs offer real-time data analytics on the progress of content delivery as well as geographically distributed servers that can be optimized according to the country the user's IP address.


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