What is Elementor?


When it comes to the creative and authentic energy of your brand’s presence online, one of the simplest ways to connect with and captivate your reader is through web design. Your website and design have the power to stand for and speak for who you are and what you offer without needing to be everywhere all at once. 

So how do you achieve a design that genuinely channels your message and purpose without getting a degree in web design, spending a fortune on a designer, or spending way too much time doing it all yourself? WordPress introduced the perfect solution for driven creatives who want to spend more of their time connecting with clients and not on the web builder learning curve. 

In 2016 WordPress launched its drag-and-drop page builder, Elementor, a responsive web builder, for easier designing and maintenance for digital entrepreneurs. Elementor is a visual page builder plugin part of the WordPress ecosystem. This amazing tool lets you control multiple parts of your website from a single plugin.  In 2018 there were 1 million websites built with Elementor, and that number more than quadrupled by the end of 2020 with over 5 million Elementor-built websites. 

Elementor has made creating well-designed and functional custom WordPress websites easier, more affordable, and more accessible for entrepreneurs in any field. Using Elementor offers you a simple yet potent way to build beautiful drag-and-drop pages that gives your brand a professional and polished look without hiring a developer to manage the day-to-day content of your website.

This is the perfect way to build your website if you aren’t tech-savvy but have a DIY mindset or a team. They offer both free and pro versions, but if I’ve designed your site, then you are using the Pro or paid version to build each aspect of your site, from the pages themselves, the templates for things like blog posts, your menus, headers, footers as well as the integrations with your email systems.

Elementor Features 

With so much that goes into building your online presence, it is reasonable that you want to make sure that using Elementor will be the best long-term asset for creating your own dynamic, mobile-responsive website. Here are some features of Elementor that I love.

Features I love

  • The drag-and-drop builder
  • Easy-to-use widgets
  • Integrations with your favorite software (email, LMS, membership, e-commerce, etc.) – no need to get a developer to custom code an API – saving you $$$
  • Easy to implement responsive design
  • Includes a template library where you can choose from pre-made templates for any additional pages you’d like to add in the future
  • Global Branding (so you aren’t having to be trying to find your brand colors + fonts constantly)
  • Copy and Pasting between pages (like a section on another page? Simply copy it to your new page!)
  • Popups!
  • Custom Styling (CSS coding)
  • Google Fonts integrated
  • Motion Effects
  • Advanced Form Design
  • … you can truly customize anything you want with the Elementor Plugin!

Elementor Feature Highlights

Drag & Drop Builder

Elementor’s drag-and-drop capability allows you to live-edit your website without writing (or even knowing) any code by using a toolbar filled with building tools. Easily assign content areas for text, call to action, images, and more by adding sections and inner sections. One of the coolest aspects of the drag and drop is that it enables copy & paste building… yep! Love one area of your page design and want to copy it a few sections down? With Elementor, you can copy and paste sections of your site for incredibly quick designing.

Easy-to-use Widgets

The widget library is packed with options to add all the essential content to your site. Add social icons, headers, text boxes, and price tables, embed video, and add image portfolios with the image carousel or gallery widget. 

Global Branding

The global branding feature in Elementor lets you store your custom branding elements, like color codes and custom fonts. When you are building your site, you can easily shortcut to a list of your fonts and colors, saving you a ton of time during your design-build.

Template Library

For the entrepreneur who is hesitant about their skills or their time, Elementor offers a library of templates that you can use to build from and modify with ease to your brand. Better yet, you can save any section or page you make as a template and use it again as a starting point for subsequent pages of your website.

Software Integration

When it comes to running your business smoothly, it usually requires many apps, platforms, or software programs. Elementor makes managing the technical systems of your business a heck of a lot better by allowing you to integrate your site with multiple email providers, schedulers, membership platforms, and e-commerce.

Responsive Design

A critical element to creating a website today is ensuring that it functions correctly on various-sized devices. With a simple click of a button, Elementor’s live responsive design feature allows you to view your website in monitor, tablet, and mobile modes. 

Elementor Web Page Builder Recap

  • Over 5 million Elementor-built WordPress websites on the web today
  • A free and pro version for DIY-ers and professionals
  • A dynamic, responsive layout (including desktop, tablet, and mobile displays)
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Custom font, color, and image uploads
  • WordPress-created, not using a third-party source
  • Zero coding required

Using Elementor will help you build and elevate your online presence in a way that amplifies your brand energy and authenticity. Elementor is hands down the wisest choice for the creative digital entrepreneur looking to save time and money for their web design but not sacrifice quality, functionality, or brand expression. Illuminate your brand and keep your website operating smoothly with a simple design system that embodies the heart of your business and creates a connection that converts.


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