Start with an Intention – For your Biz


Set your Intention – The Tools to Manifest Your Dream Life + Business

Everything begins with an intention. This is our emotional, mental and physical motivation for life and business. It’s the inner knowing of why you wake up every day and jump into work. This intention connects you with your goals, position, and energetic alignment and is the first step in manifesting your dream life. 

You can set an overarching intention for your entire business and daily intentions to keep you on track. 

Find Clarity – Purity of Intention?

Think through everything you have learned about yourself (both your past and present selves) and the people you want to help. Use that knowledge to set an intention for your business, something that inspires you, guides you, and contains your truth. 

There are a few ways to frame your intention, and you may want to try a few variations until it resonates. 

I want to… [Whatever you want to be true for the year]

Today, I want to… [Whatever you want to be true for the day]

My intention is to … [Whatever you want to be true]


I want to feel confident that I am bringing enough money each month to fuel my passion for inspiring and motivating my clients to reach higher in their businesses and lives. 

I want to feel like I’m impacting my clients' lives.

Check-in with the Vibe

Close your eyes, and tune into the energy. Utilize your Human design results to feel that energetic hum in yourself. Does it feel authentic? Does it feel right?

Say it out loud.

Now say it out loud, write it on a post-it note and, put it where you will see it, do whatever you need to to keep it in the forefront of your mind. And continue checking in with it and ensuring it is still valid. Your intention doesn’t need to be set in stone. 

Set Your Goal

What do you need to do to manifest your intention? Break your big goals down into tangible bite-sized items to accomplish them


What do you need to believe to manifest your intention?

Affirmations help you to conquer your limiting beliefs surrounding your intention. The negative self-talk, the feelings of unworthiness, all the mental blocks that may stop you from bringing your intention to fruition. 

Affirmations are bold statements that transform your subconscious mind and make it conscious. They are in the present tense, positive, personal, and specific. It’s how we pull our intention into the present moment, eliminate the negative, and declare the positive. 

Acknowledge a Limiting Belief

There is a lot of gunk in our brains, and our ego tries to devalue our intentions. Things like: It’s selfish of me to think I deserve more money, I should feel fulfilled by the work, not the money – I suck at what I do, I deserve to make more money – People don’t like me – I’m a loser – and the list of shitty things we say or limiting beliefs we have goes on and on. 

When these limiting beliefs happen, first acknowledge them – trying to hide them, ignore them, and pretend they don’t exist will only make them stronger. 

Rewrite it.

Begin by shifting your mindset; what would be true if your limiting belief was a lie? When creating your affirmations, it’s essential to keep them positive, concise, present, and motivating, and begin with “I am” (not I try).


I deserve wealth,

I am an incredible coach/teacher/service provider,

I am the best at what I do,

My clients love me,

I’m changing lives,

and I am self-less.


What would the world look like when this intention manifests? Create a solid mental image of what your life will look like when your intention manifests. Make it as authentic as possible, create a vision and/or Pinterest Boards, meditate on the visualizations and feel yourself there at that moment. 

How would you look? How would you feel? What would your house look like? What would your family look like? How would your day-to-day look different? Visualize it, believe it will happen, and you will get there.


As you allow your intentions to manifest, you to express gratitude – starting your day and ending your day thankful for both yourself and those around you that help you along the way – the good and the bad – be thankful and foster a deep sense of gratitude for yourself, your clients, your friends, your family, and your peers – it takes a village.

Ways to foster more gratitude

  • Gratitude practices in your morning and evening routines
  • Send thank you notes
  • Find five business things you are grateful for


Then watch your intention manifest into your dream business.


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