The One Reason You Should Hire a Copywriter


A fantastic, strategy-driven, marketing-optimized website is fantastic! But if you bypass the extra cost of hiring a copywriter, you are leaving money on the table. Wanna know why?

Unless you are a professional writer yourself…

You could spend days or weeks writing average low converted copy

Wanna head on an impromptu trip to the beach? Nope, you are stuck staring at a screen for countless days attempting to put your ideas into coherent words. Even with a template and you're recently earned Google Masters degree in “How to write high converting copy” you are stuck. Stuck inside, stuck with writer's block, stuck rewriting the same sentence six hundred times because well… it sucked.

Deal with the anxiety creeping in and the late fees will pile up

That feeling of dread because you aren’t going to return your copy back to the designer on time and the all too familiar feeling that there will be late fees blooming. How long are you going to let your project be derailed by writer’s block and/or perfectionism?

Realize too late that your late night coffee fueled copy, didn’t convert

After all of the blood, sweat, and tears (oh so many tears) you finish what you think is the end of all of the greatest copy known to humans. Then… crickets. No one is buying, no one signed up for a consultation, for your email list, nada. Because at the end of the day, you aren’t a trained conversion copywriter, you can’t just pretend your way to killing it in your online business.

Why are you hestitating?

Is it the cost?

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about the “cost” of a copywriter. So, a copywriter is going to run you a few thousand dollars for your website or your next course launch BUT that copy is going to bring you revenue. How much does your average new client pay? What is their worth to your business? How many would you have to get to recoup the cost? Probably less than you think.

Let’s say you spend 10K on a website or your next big launch. Most live courses run around $500 and most coaching packages run you 1k for a month. That means you would need to sell 20-course tickets (which because you have everything set up already you could just run again and again) or get 4 new clients who get 3 months of coaching from you to turn a profit. But after you’ve made it back, IT WILL STILL BE MAKING YOU MONEY. Forever! It’s yours and it’s proven to perform.

Now let’s say you don’t hire a copywriter with your design package and you pay around half that cost, but it gets half the ROI. That means it’s going to take twice the time to recoup your cost or it may never perform because design without great copy is only half of the puzzle.

I have a fabulous team of conversion copywriters I work with where we’ve tripled our client's revenue, but they book out. They are that good. So if you are seriously considering hiring a copywriter, don’t wait till the ninetieth hour. Save yourself the headache and book a copywriter ASAP!

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